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In questions of accommodation in Pécs, incoming students have two basic options. They may stay in a dormitory if they are eligible to it, or seek an alternative accommodation on arrival.

Hostel room with UP students studying


Accommodation in a university dormitory is offered to exchange students coming on a scholarship or through bilateral agreements between the sending university and the UP. Dormitories are located in the residential area of Pécs. The faculties of the university as well as the city centre are fairly accessible from them, only a short bus journey away.

Life in the dormitories and the various events held in them (game shows, contests, professional programs, exhibitions) are organized by the Student Hostel Committee. The infrastructure of the student hostels has been constantly improving in recent years, but rooms are still offered at a reasonable price. Nearly all hostels offer library and computer services, and have their own clubs, common rooms sporting facilities, snack bars, video and TV rooms.

Due to the increasing number each student hostel has a student representative who is specifically responsible for the foreign students. For more information about the available dormitory rooms, please contact the programme coordinator of your chosen programme.


In case of further questions, please contact:  international@pte.hu.


Dormitories of the university: 




Rent a room/flat!

For incoming students who demand superior quality accommodation, rented flats are an alternative. Although renting a flat does involve an element of risk and uncertainty, it can provide some students with the peace, comfort and privacy they require.


Student Housing

Student Housing offers a free apartment-finding service for students. We have the largest database of apartments for rent in Pécs from 30.000 HUF/month. What we offer:

  • houses, apartments and flats for rent
  • roommate search
  • apartment listings can be viewed at www.studenthousing.hu
  • our website is updated on a daily base
  • we make appointments with the landlords
  • we take you out by car to check the apartments
  • we give you a rental contract

Choose your favorite apartments on our website, write us an e-mail and leave the rest up to us!


Address: Faculty of Medicine; H-7624 Pécs, Szigeti út 12.
Mobile: +36 30 215 5513
Tel: +36 72 536 227
E-mail: studenthousing@aok.pte.hu
Facebook: StudentHousing


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