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When it comes to artistic performance, the University of Pécs has always been famous for its students’ outstanding results and devotion in music and visual arts. On the following page titled ‘Arts’ we aim to provide an exciting and colourful insight with inspiring video reports taken with students and artists related to the University of Pécs Faculty of Music and Visual Arts. Check out our blog, click on the names and titles and get inspired!

Self portrait by Ilona Keserű in the famous Uffizi!


Gergely Mészáros: Fine arts, sculpture

"If people who like sculpturing are deprived of this activity, they will be going through withdrawal symptoms, they won't feel well".


Sándor Balatoni: Music, organ
"I did not go there to win, but to gain experience and to see how such a competition is done abroad, to see my contemporary fellows musicians from different countries and nations".


Beáta Barcza: Music and piano

"As far as I'm concerned, music is a universal language to express emotions that everyone understands..."


Gergő Horváth: The art of painting

"In 2010 I won the Tolvaly Ernő-prize for painting. In the same year I was acknowledged by receiving a small grant for creative work..."


Péter Simon: Fine arts, graphic design

"My kinderdarten teacher liked my drawing so much that she even brought it home, had it framed and put it on her wall."


Csaba Bencze: Music, trombone

"Playing the trombone is a hobby for me which I spend 5-6 hours a day with."


Balázs Kovács: From images to sounds

"There is a risk that listening to a sound might hurt, because it's so loud. This was the reason for I became interested in how we can transform images surrounding us to sounds..."


You shall not pass!