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ERASMUS & Exchange Programmes

The University of Pécs participates in many different exchange and study abroad programmes that facilitate the mobility of several students and academics each year. Whether you are an incoming or an outgoing student, you can get all the basic information on all of the available exchange opportunities.

First group of Brazilian students and the staff of the UP International Relations Office / Photo: UP-IRO

Study Abroad programs for incoming students


Studying Abroad in Pécs is one of the most exciting experiences for foreign students. You can study at the oldest and one of the largest universities of Hungary.

The University of Pécs offers a wide range of semester/year-long, high-quality Study Abroad Programs that explore different topics in various educational fields. We offer a tailored program of study with great flexibility and choice.


The following semester/year-long Study Abroad programs are available in English:


Architecture BSc + MSc (single cycle program)

Civil Engineering BSc

Structural Engineering MSc

Computer Science Engineering BSc

Computer Science Engineering MSc

Business Administration BA

Applied Management MSc

Psychology BA

International Relations BA

International Relations MA

English and American Studies BA

English Studies MA

Nursing BSc

Physiotherapy BSc

Art History and Theory courses

Sculpture (single cycle MA)

Painting (single cycle MA)

Ceramic Design MA

Graphic Design (single cycle MA)

Music MA



One program consists of many different courses. One course represents between 1-9 ECTS credits per semester. The tuition fees of the Study Abroad programs range from 80 USD to 130 USD/ECTS credit per semester depending on the chosen area of study.

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Outgoing students




Quick facts:

  • one of the most well-known and successful programmes of the European Commission
  • two main types: foreign study visits and internships
  • so far: mobility of more than 3 million students in Europe
  • according to the former Erasmus students the Erasmus experience makes the post-graduation job search easier
  • 60 % of the Erasmus students are females and 80% of the outgoing students is the first in the family to study abroad


Programme objectives:

  • to increase in quality and quantity
  • the student and educational mobility
  • the number of international project
  • the cooperation between higher educational institutions and businesses




Programme objectives:

  • to make possible for the higher educational institutions (universities, colleges) of the participating countries
  • to host visiting professors
  • student exchanges
  • participation in language and professional courses, as well as in summer universities


Participating countries: Albany, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgary, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Macedonia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro.


Campus Mundi




Programme objectives:

  • exchange programme for those willing to study, teach and research abroad
  • possibility for the non-US citizens to conduct scientific activity in the Uninted States of America
  • application possibility for all the art and science disciplines


Overseas tuition fee waivers



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