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Two New Internationally Renowned Honorary Doctors of the University of Pécs

The University of Pécs held a Ceremonial Senate Meeting on 8 November 2018. celebrating the Day of Hungarian Science. At the Meeting, two new honorary doctor have been inaugurated, and university awards and honours have been conferred as well.


Both newly inaugurated honoris causa doctors are internationally well-known and respected professors, who have been actively working in close cooperation with the University of Pécs. Through their professional work on their respective fields as well as in the joint projects with the faculties of the University they have greatly benefited the University of Pécs as well as Hungarian science.


Ceremonial Senate Meeting; photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs


In celebration of the Day of Hungarian Science Dušan Nikolić professor, previous rector of the University of Novi Sad has been inaugurated as “Doctor et Professor Honoris Causa”, and the “Doctor Honoris Causa” title has been conferred upon Stefan Pollak, professor of the Institute of Legal Medicine of the University of Freiburg.


Ceremonial Senate Meeting; photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs


Professor Dušan Nikolić has certainly made efforts as the rector of a significant partner-institution of the University of Pécs in order to make the relations between the two universities as diverse as possible and mutually beneficial. In his inauguration speech he introduced his cooperation with the Faculty of Law of the University of Pécs going back several years. The two institutions have a flourishing relationship with numerous jointly organized events. Professor Nikolić highlighted an introductory multidisciplinary event organized in Novi Sad. According to him organizing the introductory days regularly has greatly contributed to the internationalization efforts, which enjoy a high priority.


Ceremonial Senate Meeting, Dušan Nikolić; photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs


The name of Stefan Pollak has been merged with Hungarian Legal Medicine, with its modernisation and education. 1997-2000 he has been a representative of the International Legal Medicine Association in Europe in the framework of the programme „Modernisation of Legal Medicine in Hungary“. The Medical School of the University of Pécs has also taken part in this programme, represented by Dr. Miklós Bauer and Dr. István Bajnóczky. The new honorary doctor has given lectures in the English and German programmes as well. Dr. Stefan Pollak emphasized the value of the cooperation and supporting the young researchers, he expressed his hopes for fruitful joint collaboration.


Ceremonial Senate Meeting, Stefan Pollak; photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs


At the event awards have been conferred:

The following have been awarded the University ring as an acknowledgement of their outstanding leadership activities:


Ceremonial Senate Meeting, Dr. Ágnes Dárdai Dr. Fischerné; photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs


  • Dr. Ágnes Dárdai Dr. Fischerné (Faculty of Humanities)
  • Dr. Gyula Zeller (Faculty of Business and Economics)


Ceremonial Senate Meeting, Dr. Gyula Zeller; photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs


Professor Emeritus titles have been conferred upon:

  • Dr. Lajos Olasz (Medical School)
  • Dr. Béla Horváth (Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development)
  • Dr. Zoltán Dövényi (Faculty of Sciences)
  • Dr. Sándor Dévényi (Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology)
  • Dr. László Fülöp (Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology)
  • Dr. Tamás János Katona (Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology).


Ceremonial Senate Meeting, Dr. László Lénárd; photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs


Dr. Zsuzsanna Horváth, associate professor of the Faculty of Law received Honorary Professor title. Honorary associate professor titles have also been conferred upon: Dr. Ilona Pettyán and Dr. Miklós János István. Dr. László Kornya has been awarded the honorary lecturer title.

For their exceptionally outstanding work serving the PhD student community and scientific work Dr. László Lénárd full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Kálmán Tóth and László Szilágyi received the „Pro Doctorandis Universitatis Quinqueecclesiensis” Award.

The newly elected president of the Student Council has been inaugurated: from 7 November 2018 Arnold Koltai, student of the Faculty of Business and Economics is going to fill that position.

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