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Public Transport

Pedestrian area within the city of Pécs

Approaching Pécs

By car

The easiest way to reach Pécs is through the route 6 and the M6 ​​motorway. If you don’t have your own car, you can join someone:  the carpool services are popular among students from across the country. It's cheaper than if we would travel alone, and - since most of the carpooling systems have a serious feedback / evaluation system- it is much safer than hitchhiking.

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By train

From Budapest and the towns near the Budapest-Pécs railway line, the city can be approached by Inter City trains having names related to the region like Sopianae, Dráva, Baranya, Tettye, Tenkes, PTE, Mecsek, Tubes and Zengő. Moreover, UP has a train named after it, going to Budapest at 11:14 and returning at 17:45, called the PTE IC. Pécs is one of the big railway hubs of the region, therefore many other big cities and smaller towns have a direct railway connection to it. The railway station is located in a walking distance from the city centre and in the neighbourhood of the central bus station (in Hungarian the “Főpályaudvar”), making the transportation in the city easier for visitors.

The schedule and the fares of the Hungarian railways are available online here: https://www.mavcsoport.hu/en


By bus

The regional coach service of Baranya county is provided by Pannon Volán Ltd. The operations of the company mostly cover the scheduled passenger transportation through the county; however its activities extend beyond the county and the country borders as well. It is not only Pannon Volán, however, but many other companies of the Volán group that operate lines which have their final destination at the central station of Pécs. The station is located at the edge of downtown; therefore each district is easy to reach with the help of the local bus service.

The website of the company can be found on this link »

The English language schedule is available here »

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Public transportation in the city


Within the administrative borders of Pécs, the TükeBusz Co. provides scheduled public transportation services. The company operates 59 daytime lines and a frequent night bus service to help the students in safe travelling. If you would like to get to your classes by bus, it is easy to find out which stop you have to get off, as due to the intelligent travel information system you can always hear before a stop which faculties are nearby.

The line 30Y was specifically created for the students: the line connects two campuses in Pécs located far away from each other, also including the main library and the Knowledge Centre.

All the information on the service fees, the network map and the current schedule can be found on the http://www.tukebusz.hu/english site.


Public transport connections of the University of Pécs »

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Despite its terrain, it is easy to get around in Pécs by bike. Many constructed and even more marked bicycle routes support traffic safety. Similarly to the line 30Y, a cycle path was established to connect the campuses at the far ends of the city.



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